I am at a loss for words each time someone asks how I got started in my photography journey. My father was an avid photographer when he was young, he got inexplainable joy whenever he shot photos and especially enjoyed capturing moments of my mother and his children as we grew up. I would say my biggest influence was from him, but also from a mix of my fascination with the fashion industry and my love for the memories I make with my friends and family. Capturing a human face and the raw emotion in their eyes brings me a deep sense of bliss. The ability to capture moments in a tangible way is a value of mine and I wish I could explain more for why it does.

Serena is a photographer and current dental student based in Saskatoon, SK, Canada who specializes in natural light portraiture work. In between university courses, you can find her brainstorming new concepts and scribbling notes into one of her many notebooks. Being completely self-taught, Serena is always looking to experiment and learn new techniques to add to her repertoire. 

The influence of Serena's undergraduate studies in Anatomy and Cell Biology and dentistry have carried over a smooth and scientific manner into her photography: producing clean, crisp and calculated images. Her portfolio includes; portraits, commercial, fashion and lifestyle photography, and weddings.

Based out of Saskatoon, Canada. Available for travel.  

Contact at SerenaLiuPhotography@gmail.com

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Belle Bridal Magazine UK, Blanche Macdonald Centre, Charles Stuart International Models, Confetti Magazine, Dressed Up Saskatoon Dress Boutique, The Dress Form, Dulcedo Models, Edge Agency, Fashion Push Magazine, ICON Model Management, League Models Int, NorthSide Magazine, NUMA Models International, ORANGE MODELS, PUMP Fashion Magazine, Revolution Management, Scarlett Dahlia Makeup Artistry, SHE Modelling and Talent Agency, STRAY Model Management, TONIC Fashion Boutique, Uforia Muse, University of Saskatchewan, UnVeiled Dress Co., White Dhalia by Dutch Growers Fashion, =War Paint = by Stevie Crowne 2012 Collection, and more.


Thank you to  Nicole  for the headshot!

Thank you to Nicole for the headshot!